Главная 16 Apple 16 Apple iPhone 4S 8GB Price in India, iPhone 4S 8GB Specification, Reviews, Features, Comparison, 23rd Feb 2018

Apple iPhone 4S 8GB Price in India, iPhone 4S 8GB Specification, Reviews, Features, Comparison, 23rd Feb 2018

330 PPI density. The iPhone 4S features an 8 MP back camera and a VGA front camera. The next variant of this phone is Apple iPhone 7. The phone is powered with 1 GHz dual-core Apple A5 processor. It has 512 MB RAM and non-expandable 8 GB internal storage . It supports HSDPA, HSUPA, GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & MicroUSB. The phone runs on non-removable Li-Po 1432 mAh battery.

Apple iPhone 4S 8GB Price in India starts from Rs. 11,999

  • The best price of Apple iPhone 4S 8GB is Rs. 11,999 in Flipkart. is not available in other online stores.This phone is available in 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB storage variants. Apple iPhone 4S 8GB is available in White colours across various online stores in India.

iPhone 4s is a medium segment phone in general and the lower segment phone among Apple devices. The phone is very well designed and classy especially when you are an APPLE freak and cannot buy its high segment model. Pros- The biggest pro of this phone is that, within 21k you own an Apple phone and carry the class which it brings along with it. Best in quality. All the things configured with it are unique in its class like camera. You won’t have a better 8MP camera in any other phone (leaving aside iPhone 5, 5C and 5S). > The advantageous small screen: The small screen phone is only advantageous only when you don’t want to carry your phone in your hand or upper pockets or you have a habit of forgetting them at places when you carry them in hands. In short small screen just makes it handy. > Touchscreen Glass and Sapphire rear camera glass: The screen glass is very strong as compared to other phones and doesn’t break that easily. The back panel though breaks quick but the sapphire glass protecting rear camera would never. > Great user interface: iOS gives a great user interface. It’s better than Android. Upgradation to new version of iOS is free. Moreover, Apple every year launches a new version of iOS and upgrades it regularly. The current iOS 7.1.2 is great while the new iOS 8 expected to release in September this year. Cons- Like iPhone 4 it has all the similar disadvantages. >Small Screen: The screen is small, so if you read newspapers, books and watch a lot of videos, it’s not the phone you should think about. > Less RAM, paid apps and old processor: If you use your iPhone as a gaming console then again you are at disadvantage because of small screen, less RAM and the amount you need to pay for purchasing them, as they are cheaper on other platforms like Android. iPhone 4S has a A5 processor which is way old in respect to new processors which are available in other phones of same and less segment. > The Weight Punch: It’s a bit heavy which can easily fall and adds a carrying disadvantage. > Beautiful yet weak back panel: Many times my iPhone has fallen from considerable heights facing front side, but the front screen never broke. Once, it has fallen facing backside from waist height and the back glass was shattered. Though, it didn’t come out but it had plenty of cracks. I have seen a lot of iPhones with broken back panel and less with broken front screen. >Poor battery life: iPhone series has a battery problem and same is with 4s. It discharges very fast but the advantage it that it gets fully charged within an hour. So, if you use your phone a lot you need to carry charger or a powerbank. >Expandable Memory: If you buy an iPhone with less memory than you would frequently need to clean the unwanted stuff, keep less apps and small size games as iPhone doesn’t have expandable memory option. The neutral factor- Apple gives a great service though it has limited number of outlets and that also in metro cities. The service quality is great. They check your phone, solve the problem and if it’s not solved they replace it. Though replacing option has now been rolled back in India but still they repair it and if it’s irreparable then get a new phone. Though the phone has more cons than pros, still I love my phone and would recommend to buy it if you can’t afford its higher model.

This phone have great features with best look, you can go for it without any confusion and you can feel the brand quality.

Apple Iphone 4s is very nice mobile device at current prize. It provides all features and has a decent processer. Best Value for Money

its a very awsm phone and having so many nice features love dis phone

fantastic features. nyc process ability

The iphone is really very cool the quality of camera the touch and the standard of apple affect much. the 4s is gud phone with a5 chip that gives it a fasterbprocessing.

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